The Club

The Golf Club University & ETH Zurich is an association for all golf enthusiasts within the universities. The club currently has about 140 members and organizes approximately 15 events a year, from a beginner Tiger & Rabbit tournament and our night-golfing to season matchplays. Furthermore we play the «LZ Cup» against the universities of Lausanne and the Ryder Cup against the HSG every year. We also have relaxed group trainings every two weeks. You can find all events in the events-tab .

Since 2021, we have worked together with ASVZ as a member organisation to offer newcomers the possibility of getting to know the sport.

The aim of the association is that personal contacts between golfers are made and maintained. The membership fee is 50 CHF per year. Join the club via our registration form.

Not yet a golfer? Are you interested in golfing, but haven't tried it yet? Then take a look at the golf offerings of ASVZ , from the first hits to your handicap! Here you can try the sport in a friendly environment with trainers your age.

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